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too funny!

i just alastairs link to horoscopes:


Today's Gemini Horoscope
May 21 - June 21

Someone in your life has been flip-flopping a little bit too frequently for your comfort, and today you will witness something that proves, once and for all, that this person is not who he or she seems to be. But luckily, you have so little invested in this person that a slight correction in your course of interaction should be effortless. Plus, any changes you make today will be immediately rewarded by some good news. Today, all signs point to the fact that you have excellent instincts!


You can feel that the time is right and the energy is there, so you know you should snap into action. Ask the big question, drop the L-bomb, or do whatever you need to do to make things better.
Find a perfect match...

Quite frankly, working as a part of a team is likely to slow you down now. On the other hand, one smart partner whose strengths complement and augment your own is a stellar addition.
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