126 (kimkat126) wrote,

cuntry music awards.

i was asked to attend the awards on monday and our seats will be in camera view. um...why did i say yes and more importantly...what the fuck do i wear????

i am going for the total cheese factor. nothing else.
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I typed a really long response with an entertaining story, then hit some fucked up key and lost it all. Ah well. It was pretty funny. I'll tel it to j00 next time I see you.

Smooches! Miss you Kim!
Come visit in Flordia!!! I'm sure you two will wanna escaped the horrid winters of Flint! And I will need escapes of the horrids of FL!

hopefully i will get to see king kahn and bbq tomorrow if i can get off!

Miss you too Geoff! xox
wear a skirt and no underwear
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it takes alot to look this cheap-dolly parton
ok...i take that it is neither?